Dust Mite Proofing Your Bed
The best approach is to either use dust mite proof barrier cases to completely enclose your mattress, pillows and duvets or use a combination of dust mite proof pillows and duvets with a dust mite proof mattress case.

100% Pure Cotton Dust Mite Proof Barrier Cases
The Cotton Dust Mite Barrier Cases naturally protect you from the dust mite and its allergens helping to relieve your symptoms. The barrier cases completely enclose your mattress, duvet and/or pillow. They are untreated and work as a barrier because of the denseness of the weave. Being 100% cotton, these cases are also ideal for people with chemical sensitivity and skin conditions.
The mattress cases can be used in conjunction with the dust mite proof pillows and duvets below to make your bed completely dust mite proof.
Silver Luxwell Down and Feather Pillows and Duvets - Naturally dust mite and mould proof
The Silver Luxwell pillows and Silver Luxwell duvets will never harbour dust mites, mould, bacteria and other microorganisms. They are antibacterial without being chemically treated and will neutralise odours caused by sweating. Unlike most antibacterial materials on the market today, Silver Luxwell pillows and duvets use natural silver to eliminate bacterial growth, dust mites, and other microorganisms. They are ideal for people suffering from allergy and chemical sensitivity.
The Silver Luxwell Summer Duvets are 4.5 tog and the Silver Luxwell Pillows are either medium soft or give medium support.