Looking at it from another viewpoint...

Boy with cat

On the other side of the story, in order to have a pristine home environment (not a problem in our own houuse!) and to be showering and bathing too much, often means that a great number of harsh chemical cleaning products are used, which could also be  triggers for asthma and eczema. Many cleaning products aggravate the respiratory system as well as the skin. Bathing in chlorinated water can affect the skin, lungs and hair and the chlorine can be absorbed through the skin affecting the whole body.

We recommend using natural or organic cleaning products and toiletries and filtering your water, both for drinking and bathing.

By all means get dirty and have fun in the garden, play with the dog or cat but don't forget that cleaning and washing are such regular activities that it is important to use products that are kind to the skin and the lungs. Laundry detergents too are a major source of pollutants since they stay in the clothes and can aggravate the whole system. Many people are unaware that they are walking round in a cloud of perfume - the residue of detergents and fabric softeners used in their washing. Better to use natural laundry products.