Over the last several years we at The Healthy House have held the view that extended use of the mobile phone can be harmful to the user. We have felt that this is particularly true in the case of young people and seniors where the bone structure is either not fully developed or is thinning with age.

An article in the Sun on June 5, 2009 by Emma Morton stated that scientific evidence has supported our view. The article in part states:
Scientists have found that there is a significant increased risk of developing glioma, a type of brain tumor with long term use of mobile phone. The study cross referenced the type of cancer that the patient had and mobile phone use and they found a correlation between the extended use of mobiles and the development of glioma brain tumors. The chief of the study, Professor Elisabeth Cardis said, To underestimate the risk would be a complete disaster. To read the article please click here.

To read the complete article please click here.