Moulds are an underestimated and unacknowledged cause of a great deal of misery amongst allergic people. They can cause a wide range of symptoms including asthma, allergic rhinitis, depression and joint pain. In the past treatment has needed to be with toxic fungicides. Now the Indoor Allergy Range can be used with confidence that it is effective, safe and easy to use. People tend to think of moulds as a problem in very poor houses in severely disadvantaged areas. In fact, many modern homes easily provide the 3 things that moulds need to survive and reproduce moisture, oxygen and something to eat. The something to eat takes many forms and moulds live happily in basements, closets,  bathrooms and fresh food storage areas and on house plants, humidifiers, garbage pails, refrigerated drip trays, mattresses, upholstered furniture, foam rubber pillows, wall cavities, wood floors, carpeting, tiles, acrylic paint and plasterboard. The perfect environment is created by damp, leaks or floods coupled with poor ventilation. Moulds reproduce by producing tiny spores that become airborne and it is from there that they are ingested or inhaled. Their best friends in terms of reproduction are the vacuum cleaner, the builder and the air conditioner. Physical disturbance helps to disperse the spores. The majority of moulds produce allergens so jeopardise the health of immune compromised individuals --- the very young, the elderly, the sick and of course, people who are predisposed to asthma, rhinitis and other allergies. There are some species that produce mycotoxins and these are classed as highly dangerous.