Mould Test Blog

We were surprised at the high bacteria count in our room though we know it isn't sufficiently ventilated because the French doors don't open and the room is built into the bank. Consequently both the mould and the bacteria levels were high. We had remedied the mould issue some time ago but since the had the room replastered.

Wanting to test some new products, we installed a Radic8 250 with a 3mg bulb and noticed immediately (within hours) that the room felt and smelled much fresher. When we checked the mould and bacteria levels again having had the unit in place for only 24hrs the counts had significantly reduced.

Benefits of testing ...

The benefits of testing a room that you spend a lot of time in and where you may have symptoms, is that you can then go about making the necessary changes. We've had excellent feedback on the Radic8 from various sources. In particular we recommended one to a lady who has had to move into rented accommodation carpeted throughout. She was reacting badly to the chemicals and has found that the Radic8 200 with 3mg bulb has definitely reduced her symptoms.