Violet's Unscented Laundry Powder
Finally an all natural laundry powder that is really effective, unscented, biodegradable and earth friendly. Enough for 20 loads of washing - about 40p per load. And if you are tired of spending money on detergents that may or may not suit you we have a limited number of free one wash samples to give away. 

Violet's Unscented Laundry Liquid
Violet's is also available as a laundry liquid which is also unscented, ultra concentrated and very effective. Enough for 39 loads of washing - 20p per load. Limited number of free one wash samples to give away.

Home Scents Earth Friendly Laundry Bleach
Chlorine free bleach - great for whites, soaking nappies, cleaning bins. Does not pollute sceptic tanks, rivers etc.


These new products use 100% natural ingredients including essential oils whose natural properties make them very effective. 


Pure Beeswax Furniture Polish
Free from VOCs and silicone, this furniture polish is scented with lavender, rosemary and thyme. 

SUNDAY TELEGRAPH says "once you have worked it in, wood attains a georgeous , deep satin patina and smells glorious. Makes spring cleaning a pleasure."

Home Scents Fly Away
A natural fly spray that effectively and safely protects from house flies, horse flies and midges.

Home Scents Spider Ban
This lovely spider spray doesn't kill spiders it just encourages them to go elsewhere. 100% natural and safe for family and pets. The Home Scents Mouse Ban works in a similar way encouraging the mice to leave and go somewhere else.