Great colour range & free Ecos colour charts

What I really like about Ecos, despite the great colour range and amazing product range, is the fact that I can paint or varnish and know I won't have any adverse reaction to any of it.

Most chemically sensitive people tend to react badly to commercial paints - anything from severe headaches, asthma, to serious depression. It's not only the oil based gloss paints but also the emulsions and even the low VOC paints still contain VOCs. (We have even had problems with organic varnishes that contain a lot of natural resins).

Often people who are not sensitive can get a headache or sore throat when using gloss paints and the offgassing tends to last a long time. I know with this paint I could use it with a baby in the room and it would be completely safe.

Ecos Paint and Varnish Colour Charts