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What can you do to help yourself?

Have you tried HayMax pollen barrier balm? You simply apply it to the base of the nostril and it traps the pollen before it can enter your body. Pure, natural and organic, HayMax comes in either Pure (unscented and without essential oils) or with Aloe Vera.  Sinus Plumber Nasal Spray is also a very popular product to use when hay fever makes your life a misery.  It works in a different way and is particularly popular for sinus problems, which may be brought on by hay fever but it also "... actually de-activates the nerve fibres that cause swelling and pain in the sinus cavity. The nerve fibres running along the blood vessels are the same fibres that cause swelling and pain as a reaction to allergy triggers and other environmental factors. The capsaicin may help to relieve this swelling and pain for up to twelve hours".

Make a safe haven

If you are a hay fever sufferer you need somewhere infdoors where you can be free of pollen.  A Radic8 works wonders at eradicating pollens and other airborne particles from the air. Follow our other practical tips for reducing your exposure to pollens by looking at our previous blog.