A recent study shows that people with pet and dust mite allergies suffer from hay fever more severely. Dust mite and pet allergies appear to "pre-prime" the immune system causing hay fever symptoms to appear faster and to a greater degree.

Out of the 123 hay fever sufferers taking part in the study 66% tested positive for cat allergies, 63% tested positive for dog allergies and 73% tested positive for dust mite allergies.


The lead author of the study, Dr. Ellis, reported that, "On average, those who tested positive for cat, dog or dust mite allergies developed symptoms either faster than, or to a greater degree than those who tested negative for those allergies." She concluded, "The differences seen at 90 minutes of exposure were less dramatic after 3 hours of exposure, however. That suggests that once the hay fever season is in full swing, the symptom differences between those with cat, dog or dust mite allergies and those without no longer exist."


The most effective dust mite allergy treatment is dust mite proof bedding. Dust mites prefer warm, humid environments and survive on our shed skin cells. They then produce millions of microscopic faeces that we breathe causing an allergic reaction. The density of the weave of The Healthy House Cotton or Polyester Dust Mite Proof Barrier Cases prevents dust mite faeces escaping to trigger an allergic reaction. They also prevents skin cells reaching the dust mite causing it to starve. Tests have proven the effectiveness of The Healthy House Dust Mite Proof Barrier Cases allowing them to be sold VAT exempt to dust mite allergy sufferers.


PetalCleanse is a highly effective natural allergy spray designed to defend against pet allergies. It needs to be applied to the pet's coat once a week and gives immediate relief for contact allergy. It takes up to three weeks to relieve symptoms of asthma and respiratory problems, because it takes time to reduce the build-up of airborne allergens in the home environment. Tests have shown it to be effective in reducing symptoms over 90% of allergic people.


The HomeCare allergy spray range is a great all-round treatment for most common allergies. It comes in three different formulas, AirCleanse, to  neutralise allergens in the air, HomeCleanse, to neutralise allergens on fabrics and furnishings, and FabricCleanse, to neutralise allergens in the washing.  It is guaranteed to reduce allergen exposure to pollen spores, dust mite faeces, pet dander and mould spores by at least 75% and up to 90%.


Simple, easy precautions for the pollen season can help keep hay fever symptoms at bay for longer and reduce their initial severity.   


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