Up to a third of allergic people are affected by pets and other animals. Being a nation of pet lovers, removing a pet from the home is often not an option however severe our reactions might be. We are often amazed at how many people simply put up with their allergic reactions to their cat or dog. With some very effective and non-toxic products available, the misery of pet allergy can be overcome and the life of pet allergic people transformed.
Contrary to popular belief, it is not the pets hair that causes a problem but a protein allergen in their sweat and saliva. Because this allergen is small and extremely light, it can remain airborne for many hours. In cats the allergen is Fel d1 and in dogs the potent allergen is Can f1. Our PetalCleanse products have been developed specifically for pet allergy. They come in two types - one for cats and small animals and one for dogs. All you need to do is  moisten a cloth with PetalCleanse and wipe it over your pet in the direction of the hair and then against the hair. The cleansers gently remove the dander and saliva and encapsulate the microscopic allergens. The moisturisers condition the pets coat and skin to further reduce the amount of material shed. One bottle of PetalCleanse lasts approximately 3 months (depending on the size of the pet!)

In trials carried out in the UK, over 90% of people who suffered from pet allergies benefited from the use of this product. Relief is immediate to those who suffer from contact dermatitis and eczema. If you suffer from inhalant allergy to pets it may take up to 3 weeks to relieve your sympotms.  If this is the case we suggest you use the PetalCleanse in conjunction with AirCleanse. This speeds up recovery time by denaturing the pet allergens in the air.
These are really amazing products and so successful that they are in our top ten best sellers every week. If you or someone close to you suffers from pet allergy then give PetalCleanse a try. We are confident that you wont be disappointed.