For general good health
We've come up with a ten areas to pinpoint some of the sources of pollutants in the home or workplace. If you click on the links you will find out why these areas are important.

  1. Cleaning products
  2. Toothpaste, soaps and toiletries
  3. Detergents and laundry products
  4. Bedding and clothing
  5. DECT phone (information)  protective products
  6. Mobile phones
  7. WiFi
  8. iPads, Laptops and Xboxes
  9. Water
  10. Plastics

To reduce allergic reactions
Many of these will be the same as above, but in addition if you tend towards asthma, eczema, dust mite allergy, mould allergy or pet allergy, there are some other simple measures you can take which could transform your life.

  1. Dust mite proof your bedroom
  2. Deal with allergens in the air, on furnishings and in the washing
  3. Use organic or naturtal skin creams for eczema
  4. Use DermaSilk clothing and bedding for eczema
  5. Filter your drinking water
  6. Filter the water you bath and shower in
  7. Treat pets with PetalCleanse and keep them out of the bedroom
  8. Check the humidity levels to control mould and dust mites
  9. Filter the air or use an air steriliser
  10. When decorating use organic paints and varnishes