Make yourself a safe haven free of pollens and other allergens...

Hay fever and asthma can be so debilitating that it's a good idea to know you have a safe haven to go to (usually your bedroom) where allergens are kept to a minimum.

This can be achieved by combining various products and changes in lifestyle. A Radic8 air steriliser will destroy allergens in the air and on surfaces. Using the allergy sprays will ensure that allergens on furnishings and in the laundry are kept to a minimum. By making a habit of showering and washing your hair before going to bed and leaving clothes outside your bedroom, you reduce the risk of bringing pollens and other allergens into your bedroom. Also remember to keep pets from entering your bedroom as they can not only introduce pet allergen into the room but can also bring in pollens on their coats.

Making your bed dust mite proof with the use of either dust mite proof barrier cases or a combination of a dust mite proof barrier mattress case and a dust mite proof pillow and a dust mite proof duvet will ensure that you are not exposed to the dust mite allergen while you are in your bed or your bedroom.