We'd like to spread the word -  that cleaning up your indoor environment really does make a difference to your health and the comfort of your home. 

Beth with Green People ToothpasteFor example, we rarely drink unfiltered tap water or bath or shower in chlorinated water since all the water in our own home is filtered both for drinking and for bathing. We don't buy commercial shampoos, toiletries or cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. We wash our clothes and organic sheets using either EcoBalls and a bluemagicball or unscented natural detergent . We don't use toxic sprays or polishes. We use a Devolo dLAN to operate the Internet through our house wiring so that in general we don't use Wi-Fi. On ocassions that we have someone with us who needs to use a tablet we turn the Wi-Fi on and have it protected with a Wi-FiDOT. Our television, internet and computers at home are turned off at the plug using an energeni and only turned on when we are using them. This both saves on electrivcity and reduces our exposure to EMFs. When using our mobiles, we make sure they are protected with Green8s, electroDOTs or similar, and I always use an Air Low Radiation Headset., knowing it reduces electrostress to the head by more than 99%.

We, nor our children, have ever had a DECT (digital cordless phone) phone in our homes knowing that the fields emanating from the base station alone are active 24/7 and the handsets give off a high electrical field. If you haven't tested your living space for electrical and microwave fields, we highly recommend it.

Test the fields...

It wasn't until a customer asked about the fields from photovoltaic solar panels that we tested the ones on our carport and found they were really high and, as we renovate the building, will attend to blocking and earthing the fileds. We had already declined the offer of the wireless monitor being installed in our kitchen so that we could see how much electricicity we were generating and consequently how much money we were saving.  


We have been using ECOs paints and varnishes for almost 20 years and find they are great to use. Not only do they now come in 180 colours but also in a very wide range of specialist products. Our most usual jobs are done with the wallpaint, gloss paint and clear varnish but we also use Eggshell in the bathroom and kitchen and specialist products outside on the garden furniture.