The new NaturoPure 310A fits neatly in the range between the HF280 and the HF380 and 380A. and is suitable for a room 

The 5 stage filtration system eliminates pollen, mould, viruses and VOCs

The Heaven Fresh 310A uses a very efficient 5 stage filtration system. The HEPA filter removes pollen, dust mites and particles down to 0.3 microns. The TiO (titanium dioxide) photocatalytic oxidation filter releases free radicals that destroy bacteria, mould, viruses, odours, formaldehyde, ammonia and VOCs. So if you suffer from airborne particle allergy, (rhinitis or asthma) it's a great unit to have and is equally beneficial if you suffer from chemical sensitivity since it also removes formaldehyde, ammonia and VOCs.

HF310A Front HF310A Filters