This week has seen some great news overshadowed by an 82 year old heckler being ejected from the Labour Party Conference. The great news that I am refering to is that schools will not be able to serve junk food to their pupils at school canteens. Crisps are likely to be replaced by dried fruit and yoghurt and products created from 'meat slurry' and 'mechanically recovered meat' will be replaced with good cuts of meat. As a former teacher I welcome the changes and am confident that it will make a big difference to children's ability to concentrate through their lessons. What I do wonder is whether kids will leave school at lunch times and go to the local shop for their chocolate, chips and crisps fix, but at least they will burn off some calories getting there I suppose. More on this at BBC Education
The other article that caught my eye was about pesticides on food. According to the BBC Health article, of the 3,854 foodstuffs tested 31% were found to have high levels of chemical content but "ONLY" 1% were over the legal limit. Now, I may be wrong but I was definately under the impression that 1% is 1% more than there should be. Maybe I have missed the point of the article. But looking on the bright side there are some good recommendations about how to get rid of the pesticides. It is worth remembering that if you are going to wash your fruit and vegetables or cook things then make sure you are not simply exchanging one chemical for another by making sure that the water you use is not full of chlorine. See the Water section of the website for more information.