"MAY I, through your paper, simply make a point of awareness and precaution please? I''ve always been a bit suspicious of extended mobile phone use or locations too close to phone masts.

That said, mobiles are really useful, so my compromise was to simply buy mobile phones with low SAR values (see www.sarvalues.com) and a loudspeaker option. Radiation decreases exponentially, so further from head using loudspeaker = much lower radiation.

But then, with wi-fi and new phone masts popping up, I thought I'd check the baseline radiation in my home and so rented an acoustimeter off a small health-based business in Ruscombe.
This device detects radio frequencies but is, essentially, calibrated to pick up on electromagnetic radiation levels of mobile phone range and anything else within the same hertz range. To my surprise I found the level in our house worryingly high and homed in on the source. It did not come from outside or a neighbour's wi-fi, nor from a mobile or cordless phone but actually from my son's Xbox.
The alarming thing was that the Xbox was actually switched off but still on at the plug only. On unplugging it from the wall the radiation level disappeared completely.
Recently, an Italian court passed a judgment which confirmed a causal link between a worker's brain tumour and either a mobile phone or a cordless phone. Also, the French authorities have, apparently, removed wi-fi from their public libraries because of symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity among the staff (www.buerger welle.de/en/).
Some say mobile radiation is most harmful when asleep because the immune system is stronger when you are moving about and worst for children. Given that there are authorities now starting to acknowledge bad health effects of radiation and that Xboxes are abundantly located right next to our children's heads at night, for their sakes, take a precautionary approach. Make sure the Xboxes are unplugged, not just turned off, at night."
Adrian Lawton, Stroud (Stroud LIfe)