"Showering is suspected as the primary cause of elevated levels of chloroform in nearly every home because of the chlorine in the water."
Dr. Lance Wallace

"Taking long hot showers is a health risk, according to research presented last week in Anaheim, California, at a meeting of the American Chemical Society.  Showers – and to a lesser extent baths – lead to a greater exposure to toxic chemicals contain din water supplies than does drinking the water. The chemicals evaporate out of the water and are inhaled. They can also spread through the house and be inhaled by others. House holders can receive 6 to 100 times more of the chemical by breathing the air around showers and bath than they would by drinking the water."
NEW SCIENTIST, 18 September 1996
Ian Anderson

A shower filter is a simple product to install, fits most standrad showers and will reduce the chlorine by 99% making a huge difference to the amount of chlorine you inhale during a shower and the amount of chlorine that passes through the skin.

What customers say ...

High pressure Shower Filter
"I already have a low pressure filter and I bought this for my mother in law .she thinks it's wonderful and I know from experience how good they are.You can tell when it is over due a change."

Culligan FIltered Showerhead
"Unbelievably good, I cant live without filtered shower, not anymore! Thank you so much!"

"We are pleased with the product and the improvement with my wife's skin complaint has made a big difference."