What Dr Dietrich Klinghardt has to say

Information from a video by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt:

  • A Smart Meter installed on your home has a microwave impulse of 900 MHz pulsating between 17,000 and 119,00 times a day throughout your home. The radiation level can be as much as 600 times the EPA accepted "safe level".
  • As far as we know Smart Meters were never tested for human safety

​Dr Klinghardt's video is fascinating from start to finish but at 43 minutes long you may want to start at 24 minutes where the information on Smart Meters is presented. When you have time to listen to the entire video, it is well worth spending the time.


Smart Meters - Your Help Needed Today

Despite the fact that MCS Aware has corresponded with DECC (Dept of Energy and Climate Change) and supplied them with consultation responses previously, we were alerted to the fact that a House of Commons Select Committee is sensing growing opposition to Smart Meters and is seeking ideas for how to combat it.

MCS Aware Needs Your Help

If you or someone you know is likely to be affected by wireless smart meters for electricity, gas and water, you need to tell the committee today.

Both organisations and individuals can submit a response. Simply write your comments in Word or rich text format (please do not use PDF format). If you have the energy please address the points requested here (this will have more impact).

Attach your document to the online form here:

Otherwise simply send details on how the rollout of Smart Meters would affect you and why you are opposed to them. If you have personal experience of symptoms, tell them. If you don't have energy or time for a proper submission simply fill in this form.

Ideally each submission should:

  • state clearly who the submission is from, i.e. whether from yourself in a personal capacity or sent on behalf of an organisation
  • be no more than 3,000 words in length / run to no more than six sides of A4 paper
  • as far as possible comprise a single document attachment to the email
  • begin with a short summary in bullet point form
  • have numbered paragraphs
  • be in Word or Rich Text format (not PDF) with as little use of colour or logos as possible

Please supply a postal address so a copy of the Committee’s report can be sent to you upon publication.

Don't be put off by the above - simply send an email with your point of view. Anything is better than nothing. The deadline for the submission of written evidence is Thursday 07 February 2013 - today. Read more at: http://stopsmartmeters.org.uk/house-of-commons-select-committee-senses-growing-smart-meter-opposition-requests-help/  and also note the new Bioinitiative report here.

The deadline for the submission of written evidence is 07 February 2013

In response to our newsletter we have also received the link to an eppetition from a customer. If you wish to wisgn the petition, you can do so here.