Hay Fever Solutions Packs - Save up to £44.02

Take the guesswork out of which products to choose.Hay Fever Solutions Packs take the guesswork out of which products to choose.

Out and About Pack - Save 15%

Hay Fever Pack 2 - Save 10% plus a Free Replacement Filter

Hay Fever Pack 3 - Save 10% plus Free Replacement Filters

Top Tips for Coping with Hay Fever

  • Make yourself a haven where you can relax without reacting to pollen
  • Use AirCleanse, HomeCleanse and FabriCleanse to denature pollens indoors
  • Replace steroid sprays with natural alternatives
  • Remove outdoor clothing and leave outside your bedroom
  • Do not allow pets into your bedroom as they carry pollen on their coats
  • Shower before you go to bed and wash your hair to remove all pollens
  • Keep an effective air purifier running and ideally keep your windows closed
  • Look into cross reactions and avoid the foods that cross react with your triggers.

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