Top 10 Tips

Our grandparents knew that come the spring the house needed a really good clean. Over the cold dark days of winter the house was closed up and everything needed fresh air and a good scrub.

Top tips for spring cleaning

  1. Open all the windows and doors and air your home out. Get fresh air in.
  2. Take any loose rugs outside and shake them well or beat them
  3. If you have pets make sure their bedding is washed and aired. If you are allergic to your pet consider using PetalCleanse on your pet.
  4. Wash and get your winter clothing ready to put away for the summer.
  5. Change your bedding to summer weight and vacuum your mattress well. The Allergy Sprays can be used for a thorough clean, neutralising any allergens present.
  6. Pull furniture out from the wall and clean well behind and make sure you clean off any mould present. If you are allergic to mould be sure to wear a mask.
  7. Clean off any mould in your shower, around your bath or around your windows.
  8. Use cleaning products that are as environmentally and human friendly as possible. Be careful to read the ingredients on the label.
  9. Use non smelly and environmentally friendly laundry products so that your washing is clean, fresh and friendly to you and your family.
  10. Make sure there is lots of fresh air while you are cleaning and consider using an air purifier to keep the air clean.