Did you know you might be sharing your bed with millions of dust mites?

The Bedroom
The main area to deal with is the bedroom since we spend so much of our lives asleep. Barrier cases on the bedding protects the person in the bed from exposure to the dust mite allergen.  These are available for the mattress, duvet and pillow. Alternatively you can encase your mattress with a barrier case and use a dust mite proof pillow and a dust mite proof duvet.

Allergy Sprays are a great help in the battle against the dust mite and in fact most airborne allergens. Available in AirCleanse to denature allergens in the air, HomeCleanse to denature allergens on furnishings  and FabriCleanse to kill dust mites in the washing and denature other allergens. This can also be used in a carpet cleaner to kill dust mites in the carpet. All our sprays are completely non-toxic.

Cotton dust mite proof barrier cases Allergy Sprays