Choose a healthier alternative

Carpets can be treated with insecticides and fungicides and upholstered furniture by law must be fire retarded. On the whole older products are safer though in the case of foam rubber, the offgassing increases as it deteriorates. Organic paints and varnishes are lovely to use, are odourless and come in a wide range of colours and for many applications.

The most common chemicals found in the home are:

  • Formaldehyde- found in synthetic carpets, easy care materials used in bedding and clothes, plastics, chipboard, detergents, mouth washes, fabric softeners, wood veneer, latex paints, hair setting solutions and shampoos, adhesives
  • Insecticides - found in carpets
  • Fire retardants - found in mattresses, beddding, upholstered furniture
  • Chlorine - found in treated water, cleaning products, swimming pools
  • Ammonia- found in cleaning products, deodorants and disinfectants
  • Hydrocarbons- found in natural gas, petrol fumes, coal gas, paraffin
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (toluene, xylene, hexanes, benzene) which evaporate into the air we breathe - found in paints and varnishes, chipboard
  • Synthetic fragrances- used in cleaning products, toiletries, perfumes, aftershave and air fresheners