The Healthy House will again have a stand at the Allergy Show which takes place at Olympia from Friday 17th June to Sunday 19th June 2005. As well as the 100+ exhibitors the Allergy Show also has 45 seminars with subjects including "Minimise the allergens in your home" and "Allergies - what the research tells us".The seminars available are:Complementary therapies - A role in the treatment of asthma and allergies?Professor David Peters, who is both a qualified doctor and the UK's only professor of integrated health chairs a panel representing specialisms including acupuncture, nutrition, bodywork and homeopathy to discuss the evidence supporting the use of complementary therapies in treating asthma and allergy. In association with The Times' Body&Soul supplement Minimise allergens in your homeProf. Jean Emberlin, director of the National Pollen Research Unit explains how to control dust mites, pet allergens, pollen, & moulds. Learn about the products on offer - bed covers, air filters, sprays and discover which ones work. In association with Allergy UK Allergies - what the research tells usProfessor Stephen Holgate, the UK's top expert explains latest thinking about the inexorable rise in allergies and gives some practical pointers. In association with The Times' Body&Soul supplement Vaccination - Can it cure your allergy?The UK's leading expert on immunotherapy, Professor Anthony Frew, gives the pros and cons of this form of treatment and discusses who can benefit from it Hayfever, rhinitis, pollen, other airborne allergens, nasal sprays and antihistamines - the inside storyThe director of the National Pollen Research Unit, Professor Jean Emberlin, helps you understand the pollen calendar and find out which pollen may be causing your hayfever. Learn about other common airborne allergens, the most common treatments for hayfever and rhinitis and how to choose an appropriate one. In association with Allergy UK Chemical SensitivityHave you become sensitised to the chemicals in your environment? Dr Damian Downing president of the British Society for Allergy Environmental And Nutritional Medicine explains out what chemical sensitivity is and what can be done about it. In association with Allergy UK. To be followed by presentation of Allergy UK's first consumer awards for products that benefit chemical sensitivity sufferers.For more information about the show and tickets visit and make sure you visit the Healthy House stand.