The recent report on Chemical Exposures During Pregnancy (Scientific Impact Paper 37) brought to light some areas of concern without suggesting viable alternatives of which there are many.

Having been in the business of healthy living for many years we know that there are healthy options for toiletries, cleaning and laundry products and offer a wide range ourselves.

We had an interesting feedback today from a grandmother purchasing organic cream for her grandson " I do like to ensure my grandchild is not subjected to all the nasty things which are in toiletries today. The Green People range is just the ticket."

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What you use and what you eat comes down to personal lifestyle choices

Whether you purchase your food in plastic (and sometimes it is unavoidable) or tins and whether you microwave your food comes down to personal lifestyle choices. The debate about organic versus non organic food always seems to be based on taste whereas our primary concern is the number of chemicals used in the growing and processing of non-organic foods. The fact that organic usually does taste better is an added bonus.