Tips to reduce your symptoms naturally:

  1. Make a pollen free haven where you can relax without reacting to pollen
  2. Replace steroid sprays with natural hay fever sprays
  3. Pollen can collect on your clothing so remove outdoor clothing and leave outside your bedroom
  4. Do not allow pets into your bedroom as they carry pollen on their coats
  5. Shower before you go to bed and wash your hair to remove all pollens
  6. Keep an effective air purifier running to remove the hay fever causes from the air you breathe and ideally keep the windows closed
  7. Look into cross reactions and avoid the foods that cross react with the pollens that cause your hay fever
  8. Use natural allergen sprays like AirCleanse, HomeCleanse and FabriCleanse to denature pollens in your home and reduce your hay fever reaction
  9. Use a comprehensive method to attack the causes of hay fever.