I have been finding it increasingly difficult to get out of bed in the morning.......
Well, go to bed earlier and don't drink so much I hear you say.
Thanks for the advice but I had eight hours sleep last night and I don't drink. So what else can I do.
The answer comes in the form of a product called a dawn simulator alarm clock - I have an older version than the one you will find on the Healthy House website but it is absolutely fantastic. It is like having a sunrise in your bedroom at the time that you want it every day. It is great, and it does make it easier to get out of bed in the morning because you have woken gradually, not with a horrible beeping, or the dulcet tones of the leader of the dawn patrollers, you are just awake and it is light, so time to get up.
Although the dawn simulator alarm clocks do allow you wake up naturally with light they are not bright light therapy and so should not be used instead of a light box if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
I did not really know that much about SAD so I have pulled together a few facts from useful SAD websites.

  • SAD is a type of winter depression suffered by an estimated 500,000 people each winter
  • It is caused by a biochemical imbalance in the hypothalamus due to the shortening of daylight hours and the lack of sunlight in winter.
  • For many people SAD is a seriously disabling illness, preventing them from functioning normally without continuous medical treatment.
  • For others, it is a mild but debilitating condition causing discomfort but not severe suffering. We call this subsyndromal SAD or 'winter blues.'

For more information please see:
Seasonal Affective Disorder Association