There is a large number of environmental factors that affect people and may cause allergy symptoms. These infuences include the increase in the use of diesel engines, the increase in synthetic building and furnishing products and the tightness of the construction of new and existing buildings. Dust mite allergy and allergies in general are growing at an ever increasing rate. Asthma, eczema and  perennial rhinitis are becoming more common and may be affected by dust mites. 

FREE Dust Mite Allergy Information Booklet 

Benefit from our free 12 page booklet that is full of useful information and 22 top tips on how to reduce your exposure to the dust mite. A copy of the booklet is sent with any purchase of dust mite related products or it can be downloaded as a PDF.

Girl Under DuvetDust mite barrrier cases are an important part of avoiding dust mites and the allergy symptoms that they cause. Our dust mite barrier cases are available in either 100% cotton or 100% polyester. They do not contain any chemicals that will kill the dust mites but control dust mites by the tightness of the weave ensuring that dust mites cannot populate your bedding. Our barrier cases completely encase the mattress, duvet or pillow and have a special extra flap under the zip to stop any dust mite leakage. They create a barrier between the dust mites in the bedding and the person in the bed, thus eliminating exposure to the dust mite allergen in the bedding.


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