Fifteen years ago having access to the internet was an expensive luxury - how times have changed.
An increasing number of cities in the US are beginning to recognise that access to information is a right of their citizens, and so are installing large scale Wi-Fi networks to cover the whole city access to the internet. This seems like a great idea and would revolutionise how people work and play, with access to the internet anywhere you had your Wi-Fi enabled laptop. Is there a downside? The answer is far from clear. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission acknowledges that prolonged exposure to high levels of this radiation can result in the heating of human tissue and an increase in body temperature. This, in a nutshell, is how microwaves cook food. So in a large scale Wi-Fi network everyone would be continually bombarded with a low level of electromagnetic field, much like the fields you get around your computer, or any other electrical appliance, but you would not be able to get away from it. The question is - will it be harmful? The answer is as yet unclear.