Take a look at this interesting website ...

She gave me the following website to view, which has an interesting short video by Harvard trained Dr David O'Carpenter and plenty of research to follow up on. To view the website please click here.

I was quite shocked by this lady's story of children being exposed all day to this level of electrosmog and in order for there to be changes in schools, the parents and teachers need to get involved. First they need to get up-to-date with the research. The "inconvenient truth" is that schools can go back to having wired Internet - not quite as convenient but the long term benefits are likely to be significant. 

If you are using WiFi at home, our latest dLAN products are a good solution for computers, laptops and games consoles.

We recommended that this child wear a Phi bioTAG, which can be pinned into his pocket or attached to a belt loop. This may help to restore and rebalance his energy levels. It comes with a free electroDOT to put onto his mobile phone.