A recent article in the Daily Mail pinpoints the hazards you can encounter when painting your home. But it needn't be so if you use organic paints. "Worried that the wallpaper in your front room is looking a bit tatty? Think the bathroom could do with a lick of paint? Well, think twice before you start redecorating. Chemicals from paint can cause serious health problems - both for those who apply them, whether they are professionals or DIY enthusiasts - and those who have to live in the house afterwards. There are also hidden dangers in apparently simple procedures such as removing old wallpaper and replastering. People leap into decorating without giving a second thought to the risks involved, says Dr Richard Deacon, a Lancashire-based GP. Decorating products need to be handled with care. You need to read the labels carefully. Its actually a bit like handling medicine. So what are the risks - and how can you avoid them... To read the article please click here.