Winter Triggers of Asthma - Top tips on reducing them
Winter can be a difficult time if you have asthma as there are so many triggers to be found within the indoor environment and then outside when the weather is cold. Often it is a question of overload and if you can reduce some of the main triggers, you may be able to cope better with others.

As with most allergic conditions, when we are not affected by them we tend to forget about them and this can also mean that we forget to continue to take our asthma medications. This can cause problems when symptoms suddenly flare up and we are not prepared. It is also the case that if one usually depends upon medication and forgets it, the anxiety can bring on an attack. Always remember to take your medication as prescribed and work on reducing the triggers of asthma. This may in time help you to reduce your need for medication too.

Dust and dust mites
Many asthmatics find that house dust, or indeed dust of any sort, will aggravate their symptoms. Dust in the house may contain dust mite allergen, pollens and pet allergen whilst dust coming in from the road may contain irritants that are not specific allergens. The solution to this is to keep your environment as clean as possible and to damp dust daily.

Dust mites contain an allergen in their faeces that can trigger asthma and other allergic reactions. They are found in bedding, upholstered furniture and soft furnishings. By making one room, preferably your bedroom,  dust mite free, you can drastically reduce your overload. Our Bedroom Packs are designed to provide you with everything you need for a dust mite free bedroom.  They will also deal with pet and pollen allergens. Alternatively, you can find information and a wide selection of products for dust mite allergy by clicking here.

It is surprising how many people suffer from having a pet in the house. There are some basic rules which we always suggest and the main one is to limit the pet’s living area to certain rooms in the house and never to allow it in your bedroom. By using the Pet Allergy Pack you may find that you can virtually eliminate your reactions to your pet. The Pet Allergy Saver Pack is a larger pack that includes an air purifier.

Sometimes dust mites are felt to be responsible for certain reactions when upon further investigation there is also a mould problem in the home. If the mould is in your bedroom, the symptoms may be the same as those triggered by the dust mite. In any case, if there is enough moisture for mould growth, then the environment will also be ideal for the proliferation of dust mites and they should ideally be dealt with together.  Checking the mould levels in your room is a good place to start. The MouldCheck Home Test Kit   is easy to use and gives you a good idea of how much of a problem mould might be. The Mould Solutions Packs offer all you need to deal with mould in one room. If you would like more information on Mould Allergy, please click here.