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Air Purifiers for Dust Mites

Air Purifiers for Dust MitesRemove the allergens that cause the symptoms

Dust mite droppings breakdown into microscopic particles. These can easily become airborne and then inhaled into your lungs. Along with your dust mite proof bedding an air purifier can remove these allergens for a healthier environment.

We feel the best units for dust mite allergy are the ones that actually destroy the mould and fungi. It is the mould and fungi that dust mites need to live on. These are the the Airfree and Radic8 air sterilsers. The Airfrees incinerate the particles and the Radic8s destroy them with hydroxyl radicals. They also deal with any airborne dust mites and fragments of their allergenic droppings. The Airfrees and the Radic8 ranges are ideal for use in the bedroom as they are completely silent.

Our range of fan assisted air purifiers have also been beneficial for dust mite allergy. They clean the air of particles, removing the fine allergens from the air. This can also make a huge difference to people with respiratory problems. When choosing a unit for the bedroom, bear in mind that some air purifiers are noisier than others. This is important if you plan to have the unit running overnight in your bedroom. Choosing an air purifier with an automatic setting is a good option. This will run on silent until it detects particles in the air. It will then boost itself up until the air is particle free.

Below we've selected the best air purifiers to tackle dust mites and their allergens.

We've picked these air purifiers for their ability to filter away dust mites and their allergens. Because allergies are highly individual,  we cannot guarantee that all products will suit all customers.


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