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Dust Mite Sprays & Deterrent

Use dust mite allergy sprays to neutralise dust mite allergens in your home

The allergy sprays are an ideal addition to your cleaning routine. They are effective in dealing with dust mite allergens in the air, on furnishings and in your laundry. Spray the AirCleanse into the air to clear it of allergenic particles. Use the HomeCleanse to rid the furnishings and carpets of dust mites and their droppings. Add FabriCleanse to the detergent in your washing machine. This will kill the dust mites and denature the allergens.

For more information on general allergy sprays and treatments click here.

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We've recommended these sprays for their ability to deter and reduce dust mite allergens. If you think you may have dust mite allergy, please speak to your GP.