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  • DermaTherapy Sleepsac
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DermaTherapy® Sleepsac

Quick Overview

  • Create a low-friction, non-irritating sleep surface with this sleeping bag
  • Can help with eczema, pressure sores, acne, night sweats and recovery for performance athletes
  • Ideal for business trips, sleepovers and holidays
  • Dust mite proof and washable at high temperatures
  • VAT exemption available for sufferers of allergies

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Enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep at home or away

If you have an itchy skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, or you suffer from night sweats, staying away from home can be uncomfortable. Standard cotton or polycotton bed linens can be abrasive on sensitive, broken skin. The unique DermaTherapy fabric is specifically designed to create a much smoother, low-friction sleeping surface. This Sleepsac is a soft fabric sleeping bag with an integrated pillow case. It can be used at home or can be taken with you on holidays or trips away.

Channels away moisture to keep you dry at night

The unique microfibres direct moisture and perspiration away from your skin and disperse it across a wider area on the surface of the fabric, enabling it to quickly evaporate. This ‘channelling’ effect helps to keep you dry and cool throughout the night. This sleeping bag is ideal if you have night sweats or are prone to overheating at night. Overheating can also exacerbate eczema, so this feature is an added benefit if you have an itchy skin condition.

Antimicrobial finish helps to maintain hygiene and freshness

The antimicrobial treatment helps to reduce build-up of bacteria and germs within the Sleepsac, even after washing. It keeps your sleeping bag fresh and eliminates fabric odours that bacteria can cause.

Dust mite proof and washable at high temperatures

The DermaTherapy® Bedding is dust mite proof, which can be a great advantage to people with eczema. With a pore density of less than 8.5 microns, the tightly woven fabric physically blocks out the mites and their allergens.

The SleepSac can also be washed on a hot wash, which not only helps to remove the residues of creams and oils but will also kill any dust mites that get onto the surface. The ‘soil release’ finish helps to lift stubborn stains and residues more easily on a standard wash – ideal for removing greasy ointments and blood stains from scratching.