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Paint for MCS

Has decorating been a "no no!" for you in the past?

Commercial paints can contain an array of toxic chemicals and VOCs. These often cause reactions for chemically sensitive people.

"For many years we were unable to decorate our house because of the severe reactions, particularly from gloss paints. Since discovering Lakeland (formerly Ecos) paints and varnishes we are now able to redecorate. When we renovated The Healthy House® we used only Lakeland paints and varnishes. Much of the finishing was done by chemically sensitive people with no adverse effects" Maxima & Don Skelton - Directors of The Healthy House®

We consider all Lakeland paints to be suitable for most chemically sensitive people. We've highlighted a few important ones below. They include the purifying paints, gloss paints, varnish and wood primer. These ones so often acutely impact people who are chemically sensitive. We do offer a small sample of most of the non toxic paints for you to test.

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