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Water Filters for MCS

Are you particularly sensitive to your water?

Reducing your body's exposure to toxins is even more important when you suffer from chemical sensitivity. Chlorine is the most obvious contaminant in your water but there are also many others. These include heavy metals and oestrogens to name a couple. Click here for more information on the impurities in your water.

By filtering both your drinking and your bathing water you can make a big difference to the contaminants you are being exposed to. Chemicals can be both ingested from drinking water, absorbed through the skin and inhaled from bath and shower water. Click here for our whole house water filter systems.

Our stainless steel drinking water filters are the choice of many of our chemically sensitive customers. Any of our full range of water filters that remove chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals and other contaminants would also be suitable. Many MCS sufferers prefer stainless steel even though the hard plastic units are equally good. Any contaminants that might possibly leach into the water are removed as they go through the filter.

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