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Allergic Pets

Dog with Allergy CollarDo your pets suffer from allergies too?

It's not just just us humans that can suffer from allergies. Pets also get allergies, with symptoms including dry skin and dry cracking paws. A pet scratching can increase the amount of airborne allergens. This consequently can worsen your own conditions. Looking after your pet can in turn alleviate your own symptoms.

The MediCleanse Pet Range contains a Conditioner, Paw & Patch Gel, Pure Essence and Paw & Patch Moisturiser. Each product is formulated to relieve dry flaky skin and sore cracked paws. This range will help your pet live more comfortably. You can both live in greater harmony.

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Allergies in pets can have very varied triggers - therefore we cannot guarantee that these products will be suitable for all allergic pets. Consult your vet if you think your pet is suffering from an allergy.