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Allergy Organisations, Networks & Forums

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Action Against Allergy Logo Action Against Allergy

This charity offers an information service that includes a database of specialist doctors, allergy specialists and dieticians. Those needing this information can learn where to go in their own particular area. In addition, there is a very comprehensive list of books on allergies, diets, treatments and lifestyle, and a library of information leaflets, including essays written by AAA's own members.

Action for ME Action for M.E.

Action for ME is a UK Based Charity that campaigns for more recognition, funds research, raises awareness of ME and provides information self-help and support for people with ME, their carers, family and friends.

Allergy UK Allergy UK

Allergy UK encompasses all types of allergy and provide advice and support to sufferers including details of NHS allergy clinics and the specialists involved.

AECB Association for Environment Conscious Building

The AECB encourages greater environmental awareness within the building construction industry. The Association, its network of members and publications provide a wealth of knowledge for the construction of energy efficient and ecologically sensitive buildings.

Chemical Free Chemical Free.co.uk

Chemical Free.co.uk - the website that aims to make life more liveable for those affected by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Multiple Food Intolerance.


HACSG Hyperactive Children's Support Group

Hyperactive Children's Support Group is a UK based charity offering help and support to hyperactive children and their families and offering advice and support on treating your child WITHOUT REVERTING TO DRUGS.

ME association logo  M.E. Association

The ME Association is a national ME/CFS charity with 9,000 members in the UK & overseas and over 80 local support groups. The services include medical research, support, self help, information, education and awareness.

Asthma uk logo National Asthma Campaign

The independent UK charity dedicated to conquering asthma.

National Eczema Society Logo National Eczema Society

The National Eczema Society is the only organization in the UK and one of the most established organizations worldwide dedicated to the needs of people with eczema, dermatitis and sensitive skin.

Skin Cell Forum SkinCell International Forum for Skin Disorders

Take part in an informative and friendly forum for sufferers of skin diseases and disorders, complaints and all forms of skin trauma. Common topics include Acne Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis and Rashes.

Environmental Illness Resource The Environmental Illness Resource

The Environmental Illness Resource provides information and community for sufferers of invisible and environmental illnesses including allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), electrical hypersensitivity (EHS), chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and fibromyalgia.

  The Metabolic Solution An international campaign addressing rarely discussed issues which underlie weight gain and food cravings, including  hidden food allergies, hormones and neurotransmitter disruption. The site offers a new book by the same title and a personal weight loss coaching service. Written by personal coach Christian Guthrie who has sustained a weight loss of 160 lbs, and backed by Dr Nicola Davies and Former BBC television presenter Peter Baker, this book is sure to inform and inspire in equal measure.  Visitors will be able to download free a sample section of the book from the site from December 2012. 
Treating Autism Treating Autism

'Treating Autism is a charity and membership organisation which is run entirely by parents of children with autism, all of whom are volunteers.The goal of our charity is to improve the quality of life of those affected by autism. We provide families with information and support, by way of our website, newsletter, social networking sites, library, local groups and conferences.' 


Electrosensitivity UK Electrosensitivity UK 

Established in 2003, the charity Electrosensitivity UK (also known as ES-UK) has two aims. It seeks to both support people who are already electrosensitive, and to inform the public about potential dangers of EMF radiation. They offer a helpline, newsletter, forum and useful information.