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Allergy Blogs

We're always very interested in your experiences and what you have to say, so if you have an informative blog that you would like included in our list then please contact Sophie at sophie@healthy-house.co.uk

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The Healthy House Allergy Blog
The Healthy House Allergy Blog

The Healthy House Allergy Blog is full of interesting and useful articles on everyday issues concerning allergies and electrical and chemical sensititivities.

It can also be viewed on the Google Blogger network at The Allergy Blog



What Allergy? Blog
What Allergy blog

What Allergy? is one of the Top 5 UK allergy blogs. Packed with over 400 articles about living with multiple food allergies, intolerances, eating out, gluten free, coeliac disease, eczema and a whole lot more. 

Lupin Girl
Lupin Girl An informative blog focused on food allergies, including recipes and restaurant reviews along with articles about allergies, intolerances, migraines and neutropenia.