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Allergy Practitioners

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Dr Myhill
Dr Myhill

Doctor Myhill works extensively with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Sufferers and has a very informative and useful website.

The Burghwood Clinic
Burghwood Clinic The Burghwood Clinic's approach to medicine is based exclusively on the concept of cause and effect. The current mind set of conventional medicine in most areas of chronic illness is to place certain patterns of symptoms within an agreed diagnostic label, and then seek to suppress these symptoms with appropriate drugs. These drugs will usually only partially ameliorate the intensity of these symptoms, often at the expense of a wide range of side effects.
The Natural Medicine Practice
Natural Medicine Practice The Natural Medicine Practice centers around a completely natural approach to healing. The distance treatments available mean that it is not essential to be at the practice address, you can benefit from the global service whether at home, traveling or abroad.
The Natural Practice
The Natural Practice Dr. Ruth Dyson. In my work as a Medical Hypnotherapist I have seen a number of patients who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivites and are interested to find out what help hypnotherapy may be able to offer them. I also work part time as a GP so I am aware that conventional medicine often has little to offer these individuals. I design a personalised hypnotherapy treatment plan which addresses the causes, triggers, symptoms and impact of this complex disorder for each individual patient. Thankfully with this approach I have had some good results and one of my patients suggested I be included on this website to spread the word! Please see my page on our website
Springer Therapies
Springer Therapies SpringerTherapies.com is a complementary therapy practice specialising in mind body therapies such as the Fertile Body Method (FMB), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Meridian Energy Therapies (EFT), Reiki and Mind Coaching. We offer practical support and natural therapy for both women and men experiencing fertility issues, such as stress, preparation for parenthood, conception, pregnancy and birth. We help with preparation for IVF and assisted pregnancy, surgery and/or recovery from surgery, and help our clients make positive lifestyle changes to enhance their fertility through smoking cessation, weight management, diet and support for diabetes.
Village Therapies
Village therapies Systematic Kinesiology is an interdisciplinary approach to natural health care that draws together the core elements of the complementary therapies.  It is preventative, as minor imbalances can be identified before they accumulate and build up to sensitivities, allergies, ailments, or diseases.  A Systematic Kinesiology session will result in an individual treatment plan which may include nutritional supplements, emotional stress release techniques, various exercise routines, Bach Flower remedies, gentle structural realignment, light touch, firm reflex massage, suggested lifestyle changes, and more. Many conditions will benefit from Systematic Kinesiology balancing including stress and food allergies/sensitivities.