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Pure Alpaca Sample Pouch

Quick Overview

  • Specially-made small pouches offering a sample of Pure Alpaca bedding products
  • The samples allow you to test the constituents before purchasing an Alpaca Duvet or Alpaca Pillow
  • The pouches are made from organic cotton covers filled with pure alpaca
  • Natural and dust-mite resistant
  • The £5.00 cost of a pouch will be deducted from a Pure Alpaca Pillow or a Pure Alpaca Duvet should you proceed to purchase 

Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

This sample pouch is available for those who need to try and test the materials before purchase - particularly useful for chemically sensitive people. Size 18 x 15cm. Label states Alpaca Filling, Superior Cotton Cover. The cover is in fact certified organic cotton.  Dry Clean Only - we recommend that the duvets and pillows are cared for as the Europeans care for theirs. Hang outside to air. 

Pure Alpaca Duvets and Pillows

Do you find it hard to settle at night as you feel too hot or cold?

This range of fine alpaca bedding offers you the perfect night’s sleep, whatever the season, as the hollow fibres help to regulate your body temperature.

Shop from this luxury bedding range and enjoy the ultimate in comfort - 12 months of the year. Learn more about the remarkable benefits of alpaca fibre here.

Why choose alpaca bedding?

There are few natural fibres which are responsive to your individual body heat, but alpaca is one of them and offers the ideal filling for duvets and pillows.

The lightweight duvet and pillows we offer are ideal for anyone suffering from night sweats due to the unique quality of the alpaca’s dry fleece.

As the alpaca is native to the high cold desert of the Andes their wool evolved to keep them warm at night and cool during the day. You can now harness these natural benefits in your own bed.

The dry fleece used in alpaca bedding is now classed as one of the most opulent and comfortable fibres in the world, alongside cashmere and mohair.

Did you know that alpaca bedding also has natural anti-allergen properties? The hollow fibres make the bedding a difficult place for dust mites, due to their high level of absorbency.

This is ideal for anyone prone to eczema or respiratory symptoms related to house dust mite allergy. 

Post and packaging charges apply.