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Amaircare XR100 Car Air Purifier

Quick Overview

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  • 3-stage filter offers a wide range of filtration of particles, odours & VOCs
  • A robust steel casing removes any negative impact of plastics
  • Cleans the air in your car up to 5m2  with an optional mains transformer
  • An extremely versatile air purifier for use in both vehicles and rooms
  • Running on a 12V system the low power consumption saves you money

Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

3-stage filter offers a wide range of filtration of particles, odours & VOCs

The 3-stage filter air purifier removes allergens such as dust and pollen, along with organic odours including those from stale odours and tobacco smoke. It also removes smells from cooking, pets, disinfectants, detergents and creosote. It also removes carbon monoxide, fuel gases, hydrogen, propane, methane, noxious gases and radon gases.

A robust steel casing removes any negative impact of plastics

The Amaircare XR100 Car Air Purifier casing is made from steel, so is tough enough for the most challenging environments. It is also beneficial for those who suffer from issues with plastics.

Rest assured of its ability to clean the air in your car sized up to 5m2

The XR100 Car Air Purifier will easily filter the air in your car or a room size up to 5m2 3 times an hour on the high setting. It also comes with the optional mains transformer. The Healthy House® recommends their air purifiers based on a minimum of 3 air changes per hour.

An extremely versatile unit for use in both vehicles and rooms

The Amaircare XR100 car air purifier is extremely versatile so that it can be used to filter air both in your car and in a room such as an hotel room. It can be used at home or in your hotel room with the addition of the Amaircare XR100 and Roomaid air purifier transformer. Ideal for the traveller in you.

Running a 12V system the low power consumption saves you money

The XR100 Car Air Purifier runs economically on 12 volts and comes with its own power lead to the car cigarette lighter socket . This means that it is very economical to run and is also a great addition to any camping or caravan holiday. It can also be run in your home or a hotel room with the optional mains transformer.