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Dust Mite Proof Duvet Cases

Duvet case on bedSnuggle up without the mites

Anti dust mite duvet covers are ideal for protecting your duvet from the house dust mite and its allergens.

Your duvet can offer a cosy environment to dust mites as well as you, particularly. You could be unwittingly sleeping under these critters, which can trigger symptoms if you're allergic. Dust mite proof duvet covers create a physical barrier between them and yourself. It will also cut off the dust mites from their food source and in time will reduce their numbers. With the use of dust mite duvet covers and a thorough laundry regime, you can reduce the number of mites within your duvet over time.

For full protection we always recommend using the dust mite proof duvet covers with the dust mite proof mattress cases and dust mite proof pillow cases as well.

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