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Dust Mite Proof Mattress Cases

Mattress cover on bedMattress encasements for a great night's sleep

Dust mites love your bed as much as you do. The average mattress can be populated with millions of these microscopic creatures. If you're one of the many people allergic to their faeces, a mattress encasement is a 'must-have'.  These not only create a barrier between you and the mites, they also help to reduce their numbers by cutting off their food supply.

These mattress covers for dust mite allergy are ideal for thorough encasement. Choose from a range of materials, from snuggly cotton terry to smooth polyester microfibre. Wake up in the morning with a fresh start after a solid night's sleep.

To fully protect your bed, we recommend using dust mite proof pillow cases and dust mite proof duvet cases as well.


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