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Blankets & Sleeping Bags

Blankets and Sheet Sleeping BagsExtra comfort with peace of mind

Add a little extra comfort and protection at home or when travelling. These allergy-friendly blankets and sleeping bags are ideal for use at home or when staying somewhere new.

The beautiful organic fine knitted blanket can be used as a throw, on your bed or even for wrapping yourself in when you are chilly.

Our sheet sleeping bags are great for a night away from home either in a hotel or staying with friends and perfect for children's sleepovers. With tightly woven cotton, they protect you from the house dust mite and even help to reduce expose to detergents that may have been used to wash other bedding. The DermaTherapy Sleepsac not only protects from the dust mite but also has temperature-regulating properties and is non-irritating against the skin. This may also help if you are prone to eczema, pressure sores, acne, or night sweats. 

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