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  • DermaTherapy Dermatological Duvet Cover

DermaTherapy® Dermatological Duvet Cover

Quick Overview

  • Low-friction duvet cover for reduced trauma to sensitive skin
  • Channels moisture away to reduce itching and scratching
  • Can help with eczema, pressure sores, acne, night sweats and recovery for performance athletes
  • VAT exemption available

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A low-friction fabric designed to be gentle on the skin

If you have eczema, psoriasis or a dry skin condition, then you might find that standard bedding can be too rough on your skin. Regular cotton or polycotton fabrics have many tiny fibres that can be abrasive to delicate skin. The DermaTherapy range has been specifically created to be smooth and low-friction. The very smooth surface has been designed to keep skin irritation to a minimum, helping to protect and promote healing in itchy, dry skin conditions. This therapeutic DermaTherapy duvet case is very gentle and non-irritating to sensitive skin.

Keeps you cool, dry and comfortable overnight

If you have night sweats, you might find that you often wake up feeling clammy and uncomfortable. This can lead to restless nights and disturbed sleep. The DermaTherapy duvet case keeps you cool and dry. The tiny microfibres channel away moisture from perspiration, enabling it to evaporate from the surface of the fabric.  

Antimicrobial and easy to keep clean

Bacterial build-up can be a problem if you frequently suffer from night sweats, acne or have broken skin that needs to be protected from microbes and germs.  This duvet case has a built-in, durable antimicrobial finish to help maintain hygiene and freshness. It also helps to minimise the risk of skin infections.

The unique DermaTherapy fabric is treated with a ‘soil release’ coating to help ease away stains and residues in the wash. Greasy ointments, tidemarks and blood stains from scratching eczema and psoriasis wounds can all leave stubborn marks. The soil release coating helps to lift these stains more easily, keeping the duvet cover cleaner and fresher. The tightly woven fabric is also naturally dust mite proof.

Available VAT exempt

The DermaTherapy duvet cover, along with the other items in this range, is available VAT exempt if you have eczema. You can simply self-certify at the checkout by ticking a box.