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Baavet logoDiscover the great benefits of sleeping on natural wool

Family-run company Baavet are based in Wales and are passionate about spreading the word of the unique benefits that wool bedding can offer.

Wool is naturally allergen-resistant, making this ideal for those with dust mite allergy. The natural temperature regulation qualities also help to prevent overheating, whilst keeping you cosy when it’s chilly.

The British wool is only from trusted local farmers to Baavet HQ, and the manufacturing process is free from harsh chemicals and bleaches, giving peace of mind to the chemically sensitive.

For those worried about itching, they needn’t be! The fine fibres are completely enclosed in a tightly woven fabric, preventing the wool from coming into contact with the skin.

What's the difference between Baavet and I AM ORGANIC? 

The Baavet duvets are completely natural, but if you prefer to sleep on purely organic materials, the I AM ORGANIC range is a great option. These products have all the same great benefits of the Baavet duvets but are certified organic with an organic wool filling and organic cotton cover. 

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