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Brinkhaus Bedding RangeBrinkhaus Bedding Range

This is a luxurious range of bedding from German company Brinkhaus. It offers a supremely comfortable night’s sleep for allergy sufferers. Whether you’re looking for cotton, goose down or polyester bedding, there are options for all preferences.

Each product in the range has an ecologically healthy cotton casing, having undergone a mechanical (not chemical) medicott® treatment. This process is non-fungicidal and non-microbiological, making the cotton resistant to fungal attack. The feather and down duvets are suitable for dust mite sufferers in that the downproof case is very tightly woven. The Morpheus duvets are suitable for dust mite allergy in that they can be washed on a hot wash to keep them dust mite proof. 

Read more about the prestigious Brinkhaus Brand below...

 Why choose Brinkhaus for allergy bedding?

Established in 1847 in Germany, Brinkhaus bedding is a go-to brand for quality and supreme comfort. Many Brinkhaus products are ideal for dust mite allergy. The feather and down products are encased in very tightly woven cotton, which is impermeable to dust mites. The Morpheus and the Bauschi duvets can be kept dust mite free through regular washing. 

Medicott treated for cleanliness

Fungus can occasionally grow on cotton fibres due to their natural origins and warm humid conditions. Some of these fungi can trigger allergies. To combat this, all Brinkhaus cotton cases are treated (mechanically, not chemcially) with medicott. This makes the cotton casing resistant to the growth of fungi. 


Duvets keep us warm because the filling traps air in the case. Brinkhaus duvets offer an incredible combination of insulation and light weight, with breathable fillings. 

Which filling should I choose?

It's up to your individual comfort and warmth requirements, along with the climate in which you live. For a light, cool duvet, goose down is recommended. Slightly heavier than down are cotton, silk and wool which are ideal for breathable warmth.

Cotton is a great choice if you are sensitive to animal feather duvet fillings. The alternative to that, for those who prefer synthetic fillings, is polyester. 

Which tog rate should I choose?

The higher the tog rating the better the insulation of the duvet. Some of the Brinkhaus duvets can be combined together for custom warmth and comfort - a 'year-round' option! 

Which material is best for me?


Ever-popular, down is brilliant for moisture absorption and insulation. Its breathable nature helps you to stay warm and dry at night.


Silk is the ultimate choice for luxury and cooling softness. Ideal for summer duvets. 


Man-made duvets and pillows are a comfortable and hygienic choice for those who cannot tolerate natural fillings. They are washable at up to 60 degrees C, making these ideal for dust mite allergy sufferers. 


Wool regulates your temperature, just like it does on the sheep! Able to absorb up to 30% of its total weight in moisture, it adapts to your temperature to help you stay warm or cool.

Looking after your Brinkhaus duvet or pillow

Follow these guidelines for years of comfort from your Brinkhaus product:

  • Use a duvet cover to protect your duvet from damage and wear. 
  • Shake and fluff the filling of your duvet to keep it fresh and plump. Do not shake fleece or natural fibre filled duvets. 
  • Regularly air your duvet in dry weather to keep it fresh and deter dust mites, which can cause allergy symptoms. 
  • Only clean if your duvet is soiled. Where possible 'spot-clean' your duvet if necessary using gentle laundry products free from bleach, rinse and dry gently and thoroughly.
  • For practical reasons Brinkhaus recommend professional cleaning when a duvet is soiled. At The Healthy House we do not recommend chemical dry cleaning for any bedding products. This can be a highly toxic process and residues remain in the products which can offgas while you are sleeping. You can wash down-filled duvets using a washing machine (up to 7kg for single duvets and larger as needed).
  • Wash your duvet separately, with 2-3 clean tennis balls (or dryer balls). Rinse well and dry completely using a large tumble dryer at a low temperature.

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