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Did you know many people mistakenly believe they are allergic to down and feathers when they are actually reacting to either dust mites or bacteria within a filling?

Our natural handmade duvets from Euroquilt are ideally suited for allergy sufferers, as they are both dust mite and feather proof. The duvets are Oeko-Tex compliant, with Nomite certified cases, which guarantees that the tightness of the weave creates a barrier for dust mites and protection for you.

They are also Downafresh certified which ensure the down fillings conform to the strictest hygiene standards (and have been thoroughly sterilised through washing) and comply with all animal welfare regulations. 

The box walled duvets come with two different sizes of boxing (or pockets) with the smaller boxes used for lower tog duvets and the larger pockets used on 9 tog and above. This ensures the correct ratio of filling is distributed evenly throughout the duvet to make sure a full loft is achieved.

Day to day care of your duvet requires gentle shaking to re-loft the duvet and to ensure the product is well aired to maintain a dry and comfortable sleep experience. Dry any liquid spills immediately and thoroughly. Please see care Instructions tab for more details.

Euroquilts are made in the UK by a highly skilled team who have more than 27 years experience to ensure top quality.

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