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Feather and Down Duvets

Down and feather duvet on bed

Warm and lofty duvets for superb insulation

Widely regarded as superior fillings, feather and down duvets offer natural comfort, wonderful warmth and that classic, luxurious texture.

Feather and down fillings are a natural choice for duvets, given that they are highly insulating and very soft. As coats, they are incredibly effective at keeping the animals warm in chilly weather. Feathers and down from birds from very cold temperatures are generally the best insulators, with European goose down among the most sought-after types.

Our duvets contain varying percentages of feather and down. Feathers add firmness, weight and structure to a duvet, while down is loftier and lightweight. Down is an incredible insulator and gives softness and unparalleled warmth.

An added benefit is that these feather and down duvets either have dust mite proof coverings or are washable at a high temperature to kill the allergens (depending on model).

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